Bristol Cathedral

     Bristol Cathedral began as St. Augustine Abbey, founded by Robert FitzHarding, son of Ednoth FitzHarding and Rissa de Montgomery.  Robert was a wealthy merchant in Bristol, who helped the King out financially.  He had a house on Broad Street on the River Frome (Broad Quay.)  Robert is buried in St. Augustine’s along with several other family members.  There are also memorials to him and Maurice inside the cathedral and the private chapel of the Berkeley’s.  The King, Henry II, arranged a marriage between Maurice, son of Robert, and Alice, daughter of Roger III de Berkeleye to make up for taking Berkeleye Castle from the de Berkeleye’s and giving it to Robert.  Robert’s daughter Helene was married to Roger’s son, Roger IV de Berkeley.  With this arrangement Henry was giving the castle, the name, and the estate to both families.  Apparently the two families were not satisfied since the feud lasted for several generations.

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