Westminster Abbey

     Westminster Abbey is where Edward the Confessor is buried.  Pictures cannot be taken inside.  So I only have the outside, along with some other sights around London including St. Margaret’s Church, The Thames River, the ferris wheel, the ducks, Big Ben, and  the Parliment buildings.

     Edward was the brother of Goda, the mother of Ednoth the Staller.  Goda was married to Drew (Droge), who was count of the Vexin in France.  Ednoth came to England with his uncle, Edward, and served as his staller or standard bearer.  Edward didn’t live long after returning to England and being crowned king.  Ednoth then became standard bearer for Harold II and was present with him at the battle of Hastings.  Ednoth wasn’t killed at Hastings however.  He went home to his Somerset (Devon) lands and was killed two years later in 1068 while defending Somerset from two of Harold’s sons, who had come back to reclaim their lands.

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