The Hall Family

Sarah Hall(4)(10)=John Sweeney

F-Carter Hall, Sr.-died 1861=M_______Wilkerson


1.  Joseph-mentioned in will but no other record found

2.  Wilkerson-Mary’s will mentions him but no other record


3.  Carter, Jr.-children are Jeckanias (“Jicky”); Thad; Henry;        Grant; Mary=Samuel Taylor; Anna=Ben Bugg; Lucy=Willie Holderman; Dora=Jesse Smith; Emma-not married

4.  John-do not have marriage record-known children are Thomas; Frank; and Tabitha=George Noe

Thomas-children are Frank=Bettie Brown; Nannie=Christopher Trent of Lawrenceburg; Sallie=John B. Litsey-Fort Worth, Texas; Paulina=William Marion Stallings

5.  Thomas, Sr.-children are Vardeman; Terry; Zack; Joseph; Jane=Searcy; Mary Ann= Camden; Catherine-not married

6.  Sarah=John Sweeney-children are Marion (1836); Polly E. (1837); Carter (1838); Daniel (1840); Sarah Frances (1842)=James Stevens Stallings; VardemanTaylor (1847); Minerva J. (1849)

7.  Lucy=Abraham Canary, Sr.-d-1882-no children

8. 9. 10. 11-Amy, Susan, Elizabeth, Mary-none married


F-John Carter Hall-father of Carter Hall Sr.-John Carter Hall was murdered and is buried in the Hall Cemetery off Tick Creek Road, Washington County, Kentucky

F-John Hall=





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