The Sweeney Family

John Sweeney=(1) Polly McMurray 11-16-1811 (2) Betsy Burnside

Of eighteen said to be the number of John Sweeney’s children, no record has been found of two of them.  It is very probable they were children of Polly McMurray, his first wife, and that they died before he came to Washington County, KY.(22)

children-James 1815-1863 Sweeney Cemetery, Mackville, Washington County, KY=Molly (Polly) Mayes 1817-1893 children-Sarah Ellen, Betsy B., China M., John T., Nancy Jane, Milly; William 1817-1888 Peter Cemetery, Mackville, Washington County, KY=(1) Mary Peter (2) Sue Mitchell (Wilham) children Richard and Lucy; Thomas=(1) Anne Eliza Sweeney 1815-1857 children-James, John D., Annie, Martha, Milton, Newton, Thomas Harvey, Geo. Mario (2)____Fountain children-Della, Betty, Sterling; Jesse (1821- ) no record found; Mary Elizabeth=Col. James Mager children-John M., Richard, Thomas B., Miranda, Sallie, Alice, Paralee=James Seay, Ida=Hart Etherington; Martha 1825- Bohon Cemetery, Mercer County, KY=Isaac Wilham one daughter Kate=___Teater; Nancy Jane 1827-1914=Andrew G. Yanky children-Matilda, Eliza, Jacob, Thomas C., Lem, John Sweeney, Sallie, Ida, Lena; John 1829- no record found; Robert 1821- no record found

(3) Sarah Hall 6-16-1834 (See The Hall Family)(See Stallings Family)


Marion 1836 Peter Cemetery, Mackville, KY=(1) Judy child-Sally (2) Betty children-Nellie, Fanny, Robert (3) Lucy children-Dee, Maggie, Lily, Hattie, William, Bessie

Polly E 1837-1854 unmarried

Carter 1838=____Hancock children-Otis, John, Fannie, Nellie who moved toS

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Daniel 1840 no record found

Sarah Frances 1842-1894 Bethlehem Cemetery, Springfield, KY=James Stevens Stallings (See Stallings Family) children-Mary Ellen, Lucetta, William Marion, Pattie Belle, Clayton Walter, James Stevens, Jr.

Minerva J. 1849-1869 Bethlehem Cemetery (in the Stallings’ lot with her sister Sarah Frances), Springfield, KY unmarrid

VardemanTaylor 1847-1929 Bethlehem Cemetery, Springfield, KY=Mary Catherine Askins 1850-1939 Bethlehem Cemetery, Springfield, KY children-David Askins, Sallie Kate, Lizzie, Belle, Zelma, Fannie, Cleaver, Margie, Carter, Howard, and an infant that died young

F Moses Sweeney(22)(23)=Lizzie Johnson

In Memory of Moses Sweeney

departed this life June 17, 1813

aged 79(23)

     Moses Sweeney was born in Belfast, Ireland, in 1734.  He came to Virginia prior to the Revolutionary War and later to Liberty, Casey County, KY, where he bought property.  He died in 1813 and was buried near Milledgeville in Lincoln County where a monument has lately been erected at his grave.  According to tradition, others bearing the Sweeney name (probably brothers of Moses), settled at Mackville, Washington County, KY, at the same time Moses settled at Liberty.  The Coat of Arms of the Sweeney’s may be found in a volume of “Irish Pedigrees” in the public library at Louisville, KY, and other cities.(22)

     John, Joseph, and Daniel Sweeney came to Mackville, Washington County, KY, and owned farms there.  John and Joseph died there, but Daniel went to Missouri where he died in 1859.  Milly Sweeney, who married Jesse Peter, also came to Mackville.(22)


     Shepherd=Lucy Thomas Jan. 5, 1797

      Job=(1) Sarah Allen 1798 (2) Sarah Edwards 1806 (3) Patsy Northcutt

     John b. 9-15-1785 d. 1-9-1851=(1) Polly McMurray 11-16-1811-Lincoln County, KY, records two (2) children (2) Betsy Burnside nine children-6 sons 3 daughters (3) Sarah Hall (See The Hall Family)(See Stallings Family) seven children-4 sons 3 daughters

     Joseph=Lindsay, Susan

     Daniel=Elizabeth Jones 12-15-1800-Lincoln County, KY, records children known were Harvey, Anne Eliza, and one daughter married man named Jones

     Edmund=Polly Johnson 3-20-1797 Lincoln County, KY, records

     Charles=Frances Shackleford 12-14-1793 Lincoln County, KY, records

     Mary=Goldby Childress

     Betsy=William Graves 8-4-1805 Lincoln County, KY, records

     Celah=Joseph Waters 1798



     Milly T.=Jesse Peter(s)





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