Counts of the Vexin

The counts descended from Nibelung, son of Childebrand, son of Pepin of Heristal. (Frank)

–   c.800 Nibelung I, also Nivelon or Nebelon

–   c.840 Nibelung II, son

–   c.860 Waleran I, son, also Galeran

–   c.900-c.923 Nibelung III,son

–   c.923-956 Waleran II, son, also count of Amiens in right of his wife Adela, married 923

–   956-987 Walter I, also count of Valois and Amiens=Adele De Dreux (abt 924)

–   987-1035 Walter II (abt.944) the White, also count of Valois and Amiens=Adele De Senlis (abt. 944)-father Pepin II-Count of Valois

–   1027-1035 Drogo, also count of Valois and Amiens=Goda-father Ethelred                                            the Unready, King of England

The Vixen is an area along the Seine River from Paris to Rouen. It includes such towns as Dreux, Tosny, and Mantes.

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