Stallings Family Tree

Odo FitzGamelin (Odo son of Gamal)=____Bernieres (Berner)-neighbor (The Bernieres famiy lived near Caen and Falaise in Normandy, France, the homes of William the Conqueror and his father Duke Robert) of Odo’s lands in Devonshire, England-Odo was given Stallenge Thorne Farm (16) and other estates in Devonshire by William the Conqueror.


William FitzOdo (son)

______FitzOdo (daughter)=Robert de Pomeray of Torrington-neighbor of Odo FitzGamelin’s lands in Devonshire also the family was neighbor to Duke Robert at Falaise in Normandy, France

Roger FitzOdo-became Roger I de Berkeley in Glouchester, England-Before him was William de Berkeley, who was born in Aumale, France. Berkel was the family home in France, Belgium, and The Netherlands. Gamel, father of Odo FitzGamelin, was born in Meaux, France; and the family connects to the Counts of Meaux and Troyes who connect through marriage to the Counts of Aumale (Alba Mara, Albamarle). Ednoth the Staller was given lands here by William the Conqueror; and Roger I inherited his lands, probably through a marriage to Ednoth’s daughter or granddaughter.


Roger II de Berkeley=Rancendis from Anjou, France-established his manor at Stanley, Goucester, England-Richard de Berkeley is mentioned as the Lord of Stanley in the Domesday Book. Stanley is near where Berkeley Castle was built by Roger III and Roger IV de Berkeley.

Robert FitzRoger (son-William FitzRobert FitzRoger)


Roger III de Berkeley


Roger IV de Berkeley=Helene FitzHarding

Alice de Berkeley=Maurice FitzHarding-took the name of Maurice de Berkeley

                              Gamel-F-of Odo FitzGamelin-born in Meaux, France, and leader of a portion of William’s army to the conquest-was given lands called Holderness around where Meaux Abbey in Yorkshire, England, was built by William le Gros, son of Stephen de Blois, Count of Aumale-married to ____de Mortimer and son of Odo de Champagne, Count of Meaux and Troyes, France, who was married to Adele, full sister to William the Conqeror


 Drew (Drogo) = Goda (sister of Edward the Confessor)

Count of the Vexin                            F Ethelred the Unready-


Ednoth the Staller (1015-1068) = Danish Princess

(Daughter of Svend II-King of Denmark)


(1)Nicholas =daughter of Hugh d’Avranches-First Earl of Chester

(2)Harding (1035-1116)=

Lividia de Meriet


Ednoth FitzHarding (1060-1140)=

Rissa de Montgomery

F-Roger de Montgomery-1st Earl of Shrewsbury

M-Mabile-Dame de Belleme and d’Alencon


(1) Nicholas FitzHarding of Meriet (1100-1170)=____(Alicia?) niece of Robert, Bishop of Salisbury

(came into Harding FitzEdnoth’s Somerset lands)

(2) Robert FitzHarding (1085-1171)=

Eve FitzEstmonth (1095-1170)


(1) Nicholas FitzHarding (1124-1189)=Ala Fitzteve (abt. 1140)

marriage-abt. 1160 Bristol, Gloucester, England

(2) Elena FitzRobert FitzHarding (1130-1190)=

Roger III de Berkeleye

(3) Maurice FitzHarding (1120-1190)=

Alice de Berkeleye


Richard de Stalling(1295?) ———-son of Katherine de Alba


(will of William de Alba Mara brother of Katherine)

William de Alba Mara, Katherine, and her four sisters were descended from

Stephen d’Aumale=Hawise daughter of Ralph de Mortimer=Melisende

Lord of Wigmore and Seigneur

de St. Victor-en-Caux

                       F Eudes III (Odo) , Comte de

Troyes et d’Aumale=(15)Adeliza (Adele) de Normandy-

sister of William the Conquerror(15)

                                F Robert-Duke of Normandy(15)

 F Etienne de Blois (-1048)=Adele d’Aumale (-abt 1090)

Count de Troyes

F Guerinfrid=Ermengarde De Auvergne

Seigneur d’Aumale

born 964 in Aumale, Normandy, France

F Huge Capet=Adelheid Von Saxony

(Nicholas Stalling also present at probate of will-likely father of Richard-Richard was inheriting because his mother, Katherine, was deceased.)

Robert de Stalling————husband of Matilda de Alba Mara

(Matilda was still living.)




Nicholas Staling=Florence Staling


Richard Stallings-transported in 1657 along with some other people to Calvert County, Maryland, by Anthony Salwey of Richard’s Castle=?


(grandchildren mentioned in will=Henry Stallings, Richard Stallings, Christian Stallings, Richard Dealt, Elizabeth Dealt, Sarah Dealt, William Dealt, and James Dealt)(14)

( Richard had a granddaughter, Christian Stallings, back in England mentioned in his will. He left her money in the charge of Thomas Stallings to buy her a piece of plate. There are indications that he had a son named Thomas and perhaps a grandson named Thomas. There is a Thomas Stallings who died in 1689 and is buried at Saint Martins-in-the-Fields, London. Richard died in 1703. So perhaps this is Christian’s brother. At any rate all of Richard’s estate went to his children born in Calvert County, Maryland. Perhaps the children in England got his English estates before his death.

(1) John(14)b-1676(19)=m-1693(19)Mary Harvey

       children-John-1694; William-1696; Francis-1698; (male)-1700; Absolom-1702

(2) Richard(14)b-168_MD-d-bef 1751(19)=m-1709(19)Mary Kent

       children-Richard-1710; Phineas-1712; Abraham-1714; Absolom-1716; Mary-1718; Benjamin-1720; Elizabeth-1722

(3) Elizabeth(14)-b-168_MD(19)=William Dealt(14)

        children-Richard, Elizabeth, Sarah, William, James

(4) Sarah(14)-b-168_MD(19)=m-1710(19)-John Strickland

(5) Jacob(14)b-1678 MD-d.-1752 MD(19)=m-1704(19)-Martha Kent


(grandchildren Fanny Frazor, John Peters, Robert Peters, and William Peters, and William, Griffin, Joseph, Thomas, and Margaret Stallings)

7 children-Jacob, John, Isaace, Kent, Ann Griffon, Elizabeth, and Joseph (B-1716)-married abt. 1746=Elizabeth (Griffin?) Calvert   County, Maryland


(1) William-B-abt 1747-Calvert County, Maryland

(2) Griffin-B-1749-              ”             ”               “

(3) Thomas-B-1757-             ”             ”               “

(4) Margaret-B-1763-            ”             ”               “

(5) Joseph-B- abt 1751)-married-abt 1769=Elizabeth-Calvert

        County, Maryland


(1) Martha-B-abt 1770-Calvert County, Maryland=Erasmus Northcraft(1) m-April 13, 1789

                                                         F-EdwardNorthcraft(17)-b-1757-                                                                  Sergt. Maryland Line

                                              (Edward Northcrafte(18)-imigrated (1677)

(2) Mary-B-abt 1777-          ”            ”               “=Daniel McCalpin(1) m-September 8, 1798=secondly John Woodward(1) m-April 18, 1804

(3) Sarah-B-abt 1770-Calvert County, Maryland

(4) Hezekiah(2)=Lethe Woodward-26(3)



Julia Ann abt 1818 =Spencer Scott Hood

Washington County, Kentucky-m-1/4/1838-Maury County,

 (gggrandmother of Adele Jones)                    Tennessee

(5) William-B-abt 1775-Calvert County, Maryland=(1)Suzanna Tucker

          married-9 November 1793



James-mentioned in will but no further record found

Susannah=David Washington Nantz, who was mentioned in will as son-in-law and executor, but the marriage record not found-buried in Nantz Cemetery on Blue Grass Parkway in Washington County, Kentucky, along with their daughter Nancy Booker Nantz Richardson and her Richardson descendants and others

Nancy=1. James Prewitt-March 2, 1824 (Washington County, KY)

2. Thomas Woodward

Sarah-married John Scantland Feb.20, 1820 (Washington County, KY)

Permelia-not married-She had quite a bit of property which she left to her sisters in her will.

William Wallace-Married Millie Northcraft(17)(18) August 2, 1819 (Washington County, KY)

Walter N.-married Martha Scanland, called “Patsy” Feb. 4, 1815 (Washington County, KY)


Malinda-She is mentioned in the will as threatened with blindness.

Mary-no record, except mention of her name in will

William-no record, except in will (He went to Texas and later to Illinois and was said to have drowned there.)?

Sarah B.-She married Harry Sweeney, who on her death in 1839 married Mary Edmonson, a first cousin of hers.

James Stevens(11)-born, at Loretta motherhouse, Marion County, KY, after father, Walter’s, death,=married (1)Sarah J. (Mary?) Worsham-d-January 31, 1857-25 years old-no record of children-buried in Cartwright’s Creek Baptist Church Cemetery-Washington/Marion County, KY(13)=M-(2) Sarah Frances Sweeney of Mackville, Kentucky-1842-1894-buried-Bethlehem Cemetery, Washington County, KY(11)

                                                                                F-John Sweeney(22)-married 1834

                                                                                 (See The Sweeney Family)

                                                                                 M-Sarah Hall(4)(10)-married 1834

                                                                                (See The Hall Family)


Mary Ellen-1863-1900-buried at Council Grove, Kansas-married William Harrison Phillips of Council Grove, Kansas. She died at the birth of a son, James Clayton Phillips, of Borger, Texas. He became editor of Borger Daily Herald.

Lucetta B.-1867-1942-buried in Resthaven Cemetery, Louisville, KY-married (1) Tom McLain, Loretta, KY-They had five children, two of them dying in infancy. Living were Lt. General Raymond Stallings McLain of Washington, D. C.; Lillian, married Wm. J. Nielson, Louisville, KY; and Edith, married Charles H. Tye, Harlan, KY, then Lexington, KY-(2) Granville Hendren

William Marion-1869-1930-Buried in Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, KY-married Paulina T. Hall, Mackville, KY-To them were born seven children. Willie Mae, married Orion McGruder of Owensboro, KY; John Taylor, married Ruth Collins of Georgetown, KY; Martha; James Eaton, married Catherine Rassinier of Louisville, KY; Frances; Walter Wood, married Mary Brown, London, KY; and Frank Hall, married Evelyn Strange, Lawrenceburg, KY then Louisville, KY

Pattie Belle-1871-1891-buried at Bethlehem, Washington County, KY-not married

James Stevens, Jr.-1876-1898-not married-fought in Cuban War at El Caney and San Juan Hill, being uninjured, and died in Cuba of Yellow Fever. He and his father had the same birthday, March 25.(5)

Clayton Walter-1872-19  (12)=married  Katherine Harmon(12), Lebanon, KY

                                 F-Charles Robert Harmon(20)-b-February 10, 1863-Washington County, KY-d-February 25, 1932-buried-Ryder Cemetery, Lebanon, Marion County, KY=(1)Martha Barnes Harmon(2)Eunice Kimberland-Charles Robert showed and was a breeder of Black Angus cattle.

Charles Robert Harmon                                  Martha B. Harmon

F-Samuel Harmon(21)=                                     F-Samuel Harmon(11)=

M-Mary Arnold(21)                                             M-Sarah Jane Barnes(11)

             F-Blake Arnold(21)=                                    F-Michael Harmon III=

                                                                                      M-Marion Webster


F-Michael Harmon Jr.=                                               F-Peter Harmon-

M-Martha “Patsy” Holland-buried                             M-Abigail Pipes

Craintown Road, Marion County, KY

                              ^                                                                    ^

    (Both lines descend from the below listed Michael Harmon and Margaret Trump both born in Germany.)

                                                                      F-Michael Harmon-born in Germany-December 23, 1772 in Germany-last from Rotterdam, servant to William Will, pewterer of Phila and by him assigned to John Houts, tanner on the other side Cunnewago Creek Settlement(5) and later was a tanner in Marion County, Kentucky=Margaret “Peggy” Trump-born in Germany


(1)  Ruby=D. H. Daniel as his second wife-was married first to Ruby’s sister, Martha Frances

(2)  Martha Frances=D. H. Daniel as his first wife


          Robert Clayton (Bobby)

(3)  Charles Cecil, Sr.=Mary Helen Carey (see

        April 7, 1907-January 19, 2002(7)———-March 28, 1917-May 24, 2004(7)


            (a)  Betty Jean-July 6, 1939(6)=Donald Pope


                     Crystal Antoine(May 31, 1959)(6)

             (b)  Charles Cecil, Jr.-October 27, 1951(6)=Martha Ann Elliott


                       (1)  Charley-Anne=Andrew Piersol


                                (a)  Tyson

                                 (b)  Andie

                                  (c)  Clayton Michael

                        (2)  Elliott Charles

              (c)  Mary Ann-September 11, 1940(6)=Rodney Lynn Kincer-December 1,                                                                                                 1939-February 26, 1990(6)(8)(9)


                       Kelly Lynn-March 18, 1975(6)

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