Hey, I’m glad to hear from you and am happy …

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Hey, I’m glad to hear from you and am happy you enjoyed it. My website stallingsfamilysearch.com has a lot of my research. Check it out! I also have carey-family-tree.com for my mother’s side of the family. You might enjoy it too. Take care. Mary Ann Stallings Kincer

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Berkeleye Castle
Yes, maybe it will help. Thanks. Mary Ann

Berkeleye Castle
This is in response to buying advertising space for a banner on my website stallingsfamilysearch.com. I replied a few days ago saying I was willing to give it a try but have not gotten an answer. I need instructions on how to proceed if we are going to follow through with it. Thanks.

Berkeleye Castle
Let’s give it a try. Let me know how to proceed. Thanks.

Stallenge Thorne Farm
That is so neat! I didn’t know you could do that. I’ll have to go back and stay there. My ancestors were from there! Thanks for responding. Visit stallingsfamilysearch.com & carey-family-tree.com. Mary Ann

Yes, it’s a lot of fun. I’ve been doing genealogy and have traveled to see where my ancestors came from. I’ve had a lot of fun. Visit carey-family-tree.com and stallingsfamilysearch to see videos of my trips. Take care. Mary Ann Stallings Kincer

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