In the parish church here at Kenn there is a memorial to Nicholas Staling.  He bought a house at Yatton, which is nearby, to leave to his wife, Florence, in his will.  Florence had previously been married to Christopher Kenn, and their house is near the church.  In his will Christopher states that his wife, Florence, is the daughter of John Stallings.  She married Nicholas within a year of Christopher’s death.  She had two marriageable-aged daughters when she married Nicholas; and there is a statue of Florence, Christopher, and the two daughters inside the church as well as Nicholas’ memorial.  The Stallings family was from Taunton.  Nicholas was a knight, a merchant from Bristol, and a gentleman-usher in daily waiting to both Queen Elizabeth I and James I.

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  1. Dianne Stallings says:

    Thank you for posting the video of the plaque for Nicholas! I believe he is the ancestor of my Nicholas Stallings who arrived in Nansemond County, Virginia, or at least his namesake. Thanks again for sharing this! I hope one day to make the trip in person to see all the sites. Did you go to Stallenge Farm?

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