Let’s give it a try. Let me know how to …

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Let’s give it a try. Let me know how to proceed. Thanks.

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Berkeleye Castle
Hi, I use Acunetix Secure WordPress and Acunetix WP Security. Good luck.

Berkeleye Castle
Thanks. I use Twenty Ten from WordPress. I’ve modified it to suit my purposes. Good luck.

Berkeleye Castle
Yes, maybe it will help. Thanks. Mary Ann

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Stallenge Thorne Farm
Thanks. I’m so glad to hear from you. I wondered about the silage. My father had a dairy and kept his silage in a silo. I wish I had known about your friends. I can imagine my ancestors living there. It’s rather like the farm I grew up on in Kentucky. I’d certainly like to know the history. Take care. Mary Ann

Stallenge Thorne Farm
Well, a Stallings from Louisville. I grew up in Washington County, KY, and now live in Erlanger, KY. We must be kin! Do you come down through Richard Stallings who came to Calvert County, Maryland, in 1657? My maiden name was Mary Ann Stallings. It’s now Kincer.

Thanks. It’s Twenty Ten through WordPress, which I have modified to suit my purposes. I like it a lot. Good luck.

Stallenge Thorne Farm
That is so neat! I didn’t know you could do that. I’ll have to go back and stay there. My ancestors were from there! Thanks for responding. Visit stallingsfamilysearch.com & carey-family-tree.com. Mary Ann

Yes, it’s a lot of fun. I’ve been doing genealogy and have traveled to see where my ancestors came from. I’ve had a lot of fun. Visit carey-family-tree.com and stallingsfamilysearch to see videos of my trips. Take care. Mary Ann Stallings Kincer

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