Harding was the son of Ednoth the Staller, standard bearer to his uncle Edward the Confessor and to Harold II.  Ednoth’s lands included Stallenge Thorne farm in Devonshire.  Harding is mentioned in the Domesday Book as being the tenet of the abbot of Glastonbury Abbey.  He married Lividia de Meriet.  Meriet is located in Devonshire.  Harding’s mother was the daughter of Svend II, king of Denmark; and Harding is sometimes referred to as being Prince of Denmark.  Harding had a house on Baldwin Street in Bristol, and his house was the scene of the great wedding of his great grandson Maurice FitzHarding and Alice de Berkeley.  It was attended by the King and his nobles.  Maurice was the son of wealthy merchant, Robert FitzHarding, who built a house on Broad Quay on the River Frome.  Robert was helping the king with some of his financial matters; and the king, Henry II, rewarded him by arranging by marriage to give him Berkeley Castle, which already belonged to the Tosny family, now called Berkeley after the castle, which they had built and named after their home in Normandy.  Alice de Berkeley was the daughter of Roger III de Berkeley.  Roger’s son, Roger IV de Berkeley, married Helene FitzHarding, daughter of Robert FitzHarding.  This was an arrangement worked out by the king to settle the differences between the two families with regard to Berkeley Castle and estate. Apparently it didn’t work because there was trouble between the two families for generations.  Robert FitzHarding founded St. Augustine Abbey, which was the beginning of Bristol Cathedral.  Several members of the family are buried in the abbey, and there are memorials to Robert and Maurice inside the cathedral.  Berkeley chapel in also inside the cathedral.

     References to the Carey family on the video are to the mother’s side of the family and don’t relate to the Stallings family, which is the father’s side.

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