Stallings Family

Stallings Coat of Arms

Stallings (Stallenge) Coat of Arms  

    Gules, three escallops in bend, argent; on a chief of the second, a martlet, sable, for Stallenge

      Digging for the Stallings’s has not been easy.  There has been toil and sweat involved, and I’m not there yet, but I have made some progress and plan on doing more digging which I will report on as I find out more.  By the way, this black bird is a black martlet.  I have found that the Stallings family crest  is a black martlet. The Alba Mara (Albamarle) (Aumale) family arms is a white martlet.  There is the will of William de Alba Mara where Richard de Stalling is the heir of Katherine de Alba Mara, sister of William. Richard is her son.  I found this black martlet representation on a stained-glass window at the church at Clovelly, where there are the memorials for the Carey family.  I have found no connection between the Carey family and the Stallings family although they have lived in the same general area throughout the years.  Edward the Confessor’s assumed arms includes three gold martlets.  Having said all that about martlets, the Danish kings had as their crest a raven.  Eadnoth’s wife and the mother of Harding and Nicholas was a Danish princess, the daughter of Svend II.  So this black bird could just as likely be a raven.

     So far, I know that my Richard Stallings came to Calvert County, Maryland, in 1657.  I know that he was transp0rted with some other people by Anthony Salwey from Richard’s Castle, Herefordshire, England.  The family’s location at the time of and before the Domesday Book was Stallenge Thorne farm in Devonshire, often referred to as being in Somersetshire, (It was on the border.)  It’s mentioned in the Domesday Book sometimes spelled Stanlinz which could account for Stanley sometimes being used for the name.

     So, I’ll jump right in and present my findings so far.  I’ll be adding more.  So keep checking back.


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